MKM Spain

MK Merchants Spain - is part of the MKM Group in the South Western Europe which meets the needs of both local customers for missing raw materials and to expand our groups' global presence in the international agricultural market.

The Spanish agri-food market is heavily dependent on certain categories of imported goods, so we constantly analyse and keep abreast of developments in the commodity markets. We put the value of reliable partnerships first and strive to offer our customers transparent access to resources at competitive prices.

Our agricultural supply business in Spain includes trading in grains, oilseeds and pulses, protein groups (sunflower and soya meal) and sunflower oil. At the same time, our capabilities and resources allow us to develop profitable partnerships with processors, distributors and livestock producers. Having reliable partners in both northern and southern ports of the country, we can build the most profitable supply chains.

We offer:

high-quality products
flexible logistics
favorable prices
long-term reliable partnership
Products & Services

Grain Trading

Spain's dynamic export-oriented livestock sector, combined with the high variability of grain yields, creates a strong demand for feed ingredients. Therefore, our company focuses all its efforts in this region on meeting the needs for quality products, including the supply of feed grains.

A separate area of activity is the sale of food grains, where we offer high-quality products, favorable terms of cooperation and convenient sea or land logistics solutions.


Oilseeds and Pulses Trading

Having extensive experience in trading pulses and oilseeds, our company will expand its presence in the Spanish market, as the needs of food and processing companies in this region are quite significant.


Protein Group Trading

One of the areas of our business is to supply the processing and livestock industries with quality raw materials, including soya and sunflower meal. We are a reliable partner with a solid reputation in the supply of these products.