Humanitarian aids to earthquake affected regions.


Early Monday morning of February 6 in Turkey split the lives of thousands into «before» and «after»... 

From the first day of the monstrous earthquake destruction our MKM East team has made all efforts to help people from affected regions. One part of our colleagues went to the rubbles to help people to find their relatives, friends and just neighbours from destroyed houses, taking from Istanbul all necessary search and rescue equipment for the rescue team.

The others in cooperation with Kadıköy Municipality bought and  brought to the  place of tragedy tents for temporary shelter, as well as baby food and canned meals.

We are very proud to receive a thanks letter from the Mayor of Kadıköy Municipality for our participation in the emergency aid campaign, which was so necessary for people in need.

On behalf of all members of all members of MKM team we would like to express our condolences to Mr. Alihan Cetin, General Manager of MKM East who has lost his parents in this terrible disaster.