MK Merchants SA Trade Sponsor of AgroTransformations 2023


On 17th of February, MK Merchants SA as a Trade Sponsor of the event took part in forum “AgroTransformations 2023”, which was held in Warsaw, Poland.

The forum gathered about 200 participants and 30 speakers from different countries. Farmers, processors, traders, representatives of logistics companies and leading agricultural associations gathered to discuss the radical changes that have taken place in the agricultural sector.

The beginning of the event was devoted to the sowing of 2023. Experts expressed fears about the unprofitability of growing wheat and corn in the coming season, which is primarily caused by too high logistical costs.

 Nevertheless, farmers are determined to sow the named agricultural crops, which is prompted by the requirements of crop rotation and challenges of food security, but their areas will be significantly reduced. Farmers are taking some risks, as they hope that prices for agricultural products will increase, logistics may improve in 2023 thanks to the extension of the grain agreement, as well as closer cooperation with EU countries.