MK Merchants Spain at XXXI Mediterranean Commodity Exchange 2023


Today, as a member of the association and a Sponsor of the event, our team took part in XXXI Mediterranean Commodity Exchange 2023 - an annual event organized by Llotja de Cereals de Barcelona.

Developing strong relationships and networks with local stakeholders is vital for successful agricultural trade in new markets. Dialogue, participation in industry events and cooperation with local partners helps to gain a complete understanding of the market and is currently a key focus of our team.

«The Spanish market is quite complicated and closed for international companies - this is about both healthy competition between local trading companies and brokers, and about partnerships that have been established over the years, which naturally no one wants to break. But we are sure that with many years of experience and structured work of all companies of the MKM group around the world, we will be able to convince the local processor that MKM Spain is able not only to meet the needs of the Spanish market, but also to provide quality service and a product that meets international standards. For all these reasons we are here today” - Alla Agbash, Marketing Director, MK Merchants SA.