MKM at Euro Grain Hub Exchange & Forum


We continue to explore the specifics of European logistics routes and discuss the current challenges of the agricultural market. Recently, our MКМ representatives took part in the Euro Grain Hub Exchange & Forum held in Bucharest on 26-28 April 2023. This event brought together all those involved in the agricultural sector - from farmers, traders, input suppliers, animal and feed industry and stretching to logistics, storage, innovations, etc.

The forum discussed the main challenge of today - curbing global food inflation. The agricultural business of Central and Eastern Europe confirms its leading position in the global trade of grains and oilseeds as a very important region of origin. In the face of uncertainty and supply disruptions, the Black Sea countries are facing a challenge. And the redirection of their trade flows has a significant impact on global pricing.

On the first day, we visited the grain terminals of the Romanian port Constanta, as the contribution of logistics to the margins of crop production is quite significant today. The next 2 days devoted to panel discussions on the oilseeds market, investments in agriculture, sales markets and crop margins in farming strategies. There was also a separate discussion of African market trends as opportunities for Black Sea and Balkan wheat exports.

Participating in such gatherings is an enjoyable experience since it provides an opportunity to personally connect with our existing business partners and customers from various parts of the world. Moreover, it enables us to develop new connections, discover new prospects, and acquire fresh perspectives.