MKM at TFIF 17th International Congress and Exhibition


MKM at TFIF 17th International Congress and Exhibition

Recently MKM EAST team, heading by Alihan Cetin, took part in the annual conference of the Turkish Flour Industrialists Federation 17th International Congress and Exhibition, which took place on May 22-25 in Cyprus. This year's theme of the congress was “Technological Transformations in Production and Global Risks”.

The congress brought together producers of flour, pasta and feed, traders, suppliers, manufacturers of milling equipment and bakery products, experts and managers and representatives of government agencies and organizations. TFIF will be a large organization that will host more than 1000 national and international delegates.

Speakers and guests of the congress discussed climate change, drought, new trade dynamics, and the future strategy of agricultural production in the face of limited natural resources. Together with sector leaders, they assessed problems and considered ways to solve them.

Participation in such events always pleases us, as it allows us to communicate personally with our partners and customers from around the world and gain new perspectives that expand our horizons.