Agbash Alla

Alla Agbash

marketing director
23 Hristo Smirnenski boulevard,
Sofia, Bulgaria

80 % of the world's grain and feed trade is done using GAFTA standard contract forms. This makes it possible to reduce risks and claims during international transactions. Thanks to this, time is saved for the participants in transactions, since all issues of interaction in the market are standardized; all members of the Association use the same standards, work within the framework of a single legal field according to uniform rules. The great benefit of GAFTA standard contracts is that their terms are balanced and equally take into account the interests of both sellers and buyers.

Besides, the Association operates arbitration, which is one of the alternative methods of dispute resolution. It is an extremely popular tool in the field of international trade. As practice shows, now there is no more impartial and professional body for resolving disputes in the grain and feed trade market. Each participant can defend his rights, resolve disputes; therefore, the members' trust in the Association and in each other is much higher. This, in turn, contributes to the more rapid development of the market, as well as an increase in the possibilities of each of its players.