MK Merchants SA became a Silver Sponsor of Fastmarkets Grain and Oilseeds MENA 2023 in Cairo


MENA countries continue to be the most attractive export market for grain producers from all over the world. So, the reason and importance of taking part in Fastmarkets Grain and Oilseeds MENA, where leading industry experts debate opportunities to diversify sources, is absolutely clear.

250+ participants from all over the world visited Cairo for networking and making business.

As a part of MENA, Egypt depends on imported wheat, and in recent years the vast majority of these imports have come from Black Sea region. In February 2022, as grain piled up in silos and cargo ships were halted at ports, alarm rippled through countries of the Middle East and North Africa that depend on wheat from this region. Imported grain provides half the flour that goes into a subsidized bread program, which feeds some 72 million Egyptians on a daily basis. This staple is a cornerstone of Egyptian diets. It is readily available, filling and for as long as most can remember reliably cheap, having been subsidized since the 1940s.

“For MK Merchants SA Egypt has always been one of the main pillars of our development and growth strategies. Our goal during the current economically difficult times is to establish all the necessary strategic partnerships with our main Egyptian partners, partnerships that will form a solid springboard for our company, once the economic troubles subside,” – Cezary Maciborski, Head of Trade Department MK Merchants SA.

If you have visited our #MKMStand, you can find yourself in our small photo report