MK Merchants SA visited the IAOM MEA Cairo exhibition


Egypt is currently one of the world's largest importers of wheat, with domestic production of about 9.7 million tons per year. One of the factors behind this progress is that the country's population has exceeded 100 million, and bread is the staple food for most Egyptians.
MKM team participated in the 33rd annual IAOM MEA CONFERENCE & EXPO 2023, which was held in Cairo. This year's conference brought together more than 600 delegates from 50 countries and about 100 exhibiting companies. The program of the event was rich and varied.

So, what sessions did it consist of?

  • Management
  • Feed Milling Technology & Trends
  • Trading sessions

The IAOM MEA Conference and Exhibition is 3 days of helpful networking with like-minded people, exchange of ideas, technical and educational opportunities, as well as presentations of new products and services.
Well, we thank the organizers for the opportunity to get closer to our customers and offer them the best solutions, new ideas, and professionalism. And also for the excellent networking and the incredible evening program near the Cairo pyramids.