MKM East took part in the international conference Fat&Oils Istanbul


Turkey is currently one of the largest buyer of Ukrainian products. So, of course, the military situation has a significant impact on both the Turkish and global markets for sunflower products and grain supplies.
Today, our MKM East team visited the 12th International Conference and Exhibition "Fats & Oils/Feeds & Grains" in Istanbul, where all the most relevant topics of this year were discussed. During the exhibition, experts and participants from all over the world were looking for the best solutions for exporting and developing agribusiness, adapting to new realities and implementing innovative business approaches.

      The main topics of the event:

  • How the military situation and the shortage of ships affect the global and Turkish wheat supply markets.
  • Will commodity prices continue to fall?
  • How will high crude oil prices affect vegetable oil markets in 2024?
  • How will the weak sunflower production in Turkey in 2023/24 be offset by imports?
  • Can seeds continue to come from Ukraine?

All these questions were well analyzed at the conference, which lasted all day.
It was interesting and useful for us to hear new solutions and cases from global and Turkish industry experts.