MKM Ukraine attended AGRISALES B2B forum


Our MKM Ukraine team doesn't miss any opportunity to communicate with partners and attract new business contacts. And for our tireless Tetiana Alaverdova and Hanna Podliehaieva, it was productive and active week! However, it was a must-visit to attend the international B2B forum AGRI sales: Production and processing of grains, oilseeds and legumes. The organizers were USAID AGRO.

      So what were the hottest topics of the event:

  • Support and development of production and processing of grains, oilseeds and pulses in Ukraine.
  • Challenges and Opportunities in exporting value-added grains, oils, and legumes to EMEA markets.
  • Distributors and Retailers: EMEA Market Focus.
  • Supply Chain and Logistics (on the global and Asian markets).
  • Sales Channels, Financing and Investment

The platform facilitates establishing new business relationships and mutually beneficial, long-term partnerships. It is a great opportunity for our team to expand its valuable contacts.

Overall, the event brought together professional market participants around the purchase and sale of grains, oilseeds and pulses on both the domestic and global markets. Summing up this year, we can say that it was undoubtedly a busy marketing year for our Ukrainian team, bringing many good results. Next year we have even more ambitious plans and goals, so let's move on.

It was extremely informative and effective!