MKM Ukraine spoke at the export panel at BUSINESS UPGRADE 2.0.



Today, the situation in Ukrainian exports is constantly changing - therefore, from time to time, business players should meet and exchange experiences and acquired insights. On November 15, BUSINESS UPGRADE 2.0 forum was held in Kyiv, which brought together representatives of various business areas for discussions and networking. The main goal of the event was to stress the most pressing issues of Ukrainian business in international markets, open up new opportunities, and prove that Ukrainian business is developing at a decent level despite everything.

Olena Rud, Director of Logistics Department at MK Merchants Ukraine, was invited to the second panel discussion of the forum to speak about the role of logistics and its impact on agro international trade. Among the companies that spoke with us at the export panel were: TAS AGRO, CLIXAR, Odesa Business Club, VOLIA, UPARKS and JSC Ukreximbank.

Olena’s main messages:

  • Due to the constant shelling of critical infrastructure, changes in legislation, and fluctuations in the grain corridor, Ukrainian producers and farmers have suffered millions in losses and have to use alternative transportation routes. That is why currently, the main component of the export organization is timely and well-organized logistics.
  • We actively use sea ports of Big Odessa, not forgetting to monitor the situation on the railway and auto logistics markets, calculating various options for alternative exports opportunities
  • We follow the changes related to our business, including political changes, in Ukraine and globally, as this directly affects all aspects: existing and potential contracts, geography, terms and conditions of product delivery, etc.
  • To stay afloat, Ukrainian companies need to be ready to transform their business processes and adapt to new conditions.