MKM Ukraine attended the farmers' event "Cooperation 360"


Our heads are spinning with new insights in agribusiness. We hasten to share with you the useful information we heard during the event.
As a reminder, the large-scale farming event COOPERATION 360° gathered more than 200 participants - farmers, farm owners, directors of agricultural enterprises and agricultural specialists.

So, what was talked about:

 Ukrainian agribusiness has faced new problems and challenges in the nearly two years of full-scale war. To survive, Ukrainian farmers need to have a strategy and flexibility. And to be competitive in the global market, it is necessary to increase efficiency, take into account global trends and local market specifics.
 Ukrainian agribusiness needs to improve the situation with logistics. This would significantly raise the price of grain on the domestic market. The main logistics routes are by sea. By road, only 5-6%. In general, the cost of the sea has increased by 20-30% because of the risks.
 It is necessary to develop the Ukrainian investment market, including to attract investment in the agricultural sector. Now, when the land market is down 10%, it is a good time to invest.
 Agricultural receipts are used to quickly raise funds for agricultural production in Ukraine - this is a tool for access to finance for Ukrainian farmers during the war. An electronic receipt is currently being introduced. There is already a relevant draft law.
 Biologization of agricultural production is a global trend. That is why Ukrainian farmers use special microorganisms instead of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, which increase yields, protect against diseases and drought.

As a partner of the event, MKM Ukraine would like to thank the organizers for another great opportunity to share experiences, make useful contacts and discuss among like-minded people